An early member of SJC, when the meets were on a Friday night and descended into dodge ball every week, he soon found that juggling wasn’t the quickest way from point A to B and so took up high speed skateboarding, he was involved in a crash at over 200 mph, destroying his entire body,

Now lives in a tree on a roundabout in southend.

First south African member, Possibly the most dangerous member ever in the history of SJC, managed to hurt himself, others and break various inanimate objects, later lost the way and found love, later taking a wife,

Presumed married.

One of the first members of the then newly formed SJC, owner of the world’s most dangerous unicycle & inventor of the pony club, later gave up juggling to embark in a series of television appearances and later, hard core gambling

Presumed bankrupt.

Inventor of “the mcosten” also a key member in the clubs early development, able to juggle 7 balls, 5 clubs or 7 rings early in his juggling career, he later found a job in HR, before embarking on his true calling in life, having an early midlife crisis driving a convertible car and dressing as a schoolboy while in magaluf,

Went down with his lift.

One of the founding members of the SJC, “hey, I ran a circus soc at uni, it was easy!” he was hugely important to get us where we are today, he also claimed to be able to juggle 5 balls for 120 catches, although this was never proven, he quickly lost the path of juggling and got sucked into the grind of the real people, car, house, wife, kids, career,

He is presumed dead.

The entire reason southend juggling club exists at all, (he taught bungle how to juggle) they then formed the club known as “wooden chipmunk” before it was turned into SJC. Able to fit three juggling balls into his mouth at once, he later took a career in putting ink into other peoples skin, we offer prayers to a shrine in his honour every day.

He is presumed tattooed.

All lost, but not forgotten.