Welcome to the SJC! A big heartfelt hello from a group of fun loving friends, dedicated jugglers and manipulators, and part time twits. Linked by our love of all things circus-y, the SJC have made partying and having a good old time a career. From teaching workshops with a smile to camping in a field for a week around a big top and a jolly roger, the SJC are renowned for living, loving and laughing.

We can be found at juggling conventions across the UK throughout the year, teaching workshops at local music conventions, showing off some fire manipulation or walking about and spreading the joy at any available event. More often than not though, we are to be found every Tuesday evening at Crowstone Church, Westcliff practicing, rehearsing, teaching, experimenting and playing.

Our members have a huge range of fanciful tricks in their prop bags, from toss juggling (one of our members has juggled 10 balls!) to contact juggling (witchcraft with one ball). You will find unicycles, hula-hoops, rola bolas, poi, Rubik's cubes, staff, whip-cracking, magic tricks, vaudevillian tricks, club passing, acrobalance and all sorts of other tomfoolery and we are always looking for a new toy or trick to play with!

Juggling offers a tasty treat of testing your capabilities, testing what you can achieve with a delicious side order of dance and art available or alternatively the healthy low-cal maths and physics route on offer. The delectable aftertaste of achieving something completely useless in real life really makes for an addictive meal that will keep you engaged for years to come.

The SJC offers a friendly, fun and supportive platform to learn new things, practice old things or work to achieve a goal. We love what we do and are always looking to find new people to join us!